We find that our swimsuits do fit women who generally are longer in the body because they are cut with sufficient fabric . However a great alternative is a tankini which is so versatile and gives the look of a swimsuit but the sun exposure if you want of a bikini.


All the bikini  brief fronts are fully lined with soft lining for comfort and appearance. We think this makes them look better, feel better and last longer.

Our sweetheart neckline swimsuit in the vibrant pattern  pattern or in one colour black, cerise or turquoise have a bust inner but do not have a front lining so they dry quickly. They are also fantastic at showing off your figure if you prefer a swimsuit to a bikini. Take a look at them.

We have all the current years styles on our website but if there is something you are particularly looking for then please ask us. We do have some stock of previous styles and we are really happy to have a look for you  for the right size and colour and  we can send pictures by e-mail. Just ask us !!

If there is a particular swimsuti you want to know about then please -email us and we will do our best to provide all the information you need ( and more !). I have added in some rear views to a lot of Beachcomber styles as it it mostly Beachcomber where we have been asked for this information. You can see these on the Crossover swimsuits and the Fluted Skirt Swimsuits but also the Pleated Sweetheart Neckline swimsuits too.  I have also added in comments where I think it will help to describe the rear view, such as the Scuba Ruffle Front Swimsuit in Cerise, Turquoise, Navy or Black. I hope this is useful. Please let me know.Just ask us – we want to help you choose the right swimwear for you .Margie